A Quick and Easy Guide to Primal Protein

Dec 30, 2018 | course content

Adapting a paleo/primal lifestyle does not have to be intimidating. Whether you are creative in the kitchen, a meal prep master, or like to be told exactly what to eat and when, procuring and preparing nutrient dense food can be easy, enjoyable, and life changing.

Whether you prefer to source your food straight from the farmer, shop at farmers’ markets, or stick to your local grocery store, you can successfully have a primal influence on your household.

Pursuing Protein

When it comes to stocking up our kitchen with quality protein, there are a few suggestions that can make choosing the best option easier. Shop locally sourced, in season as much as possible. Grass fed (and finished) beef is popping up everywhere, from local farms to Costco and Walmart, it isn’t hard to find at least grass fed ground beef.

Buy everything as local and naturally made as possible. Look for “pastured” (eggs and chicken), 100% grass fed and grass finished (beef), wild caught seafood from cold regions, and pastured pork. These options aren’t available everywhere, so if you’re struggling to find good fits at the grocery store, there are online subscriptions that deliver great quality protein. Look for local produce delivery co-ops, too. The more local, the better, especially when it comes to our carbon footprint.

Buyer beware: not all grass fed beef is 100% pasture raised. It can also be grass fed and grain finished. Look for Grass fed and finished. It’s important, though, that we do the best we can with what we have. Organic grass fed beef will always be better than conventionally raised beef. If you can’t find these options, get the leanest cuts possible as high omega 6’s and grains are found in animal fat. Remember, it’s not healthy fats that make us pack on weight- it’s inflammatory food like grains. That’s how they fatten cattle so easily! If we can avoid grain consuming meat, we can continue to improve our health and keep our inflammation down. The same goes with chicken, other types of poultry, and pork.

When it comes to fish, look for wild caught sustainable fish. For canned tuna, Wild Planet is a great brand that delivers sustainable fish. When it comes to fish salmon, look for wild caught/line caught options. Farm raised fish are often fed corn and soy with no regard to pesticides, and farm raised salmon is usually dyed pink to resemble wild salmon.

Here are some keywords in order of importance:

-Pastured/Local Farm Pastured animal products (check with your local farm for animal feed and conditions if you are able. Some animals are fed non GMO corn/soy free diets to supplement their pastures in harsher weather.)

    – Forrested/Pastured (pork)

    – Wild Caught Sustainable (fish)

    – Grass Fed and Grass Finished

   – Grass Fed Organic

   – Organic, Local

   – Local

   – Lean (as animal fat for conventional animals carry inflammatory properties)

The Lowdown on Dairy

The same principles go for dairy, if you tolerate it. Look for local, raw dairy, or organic and full fat options. The less processed the better and the more bioavailable it will be for your body to use. Dairy isn’t for everyone and can be inflammatory, so consider removing it from your diet for a few weeks (like in our 28-Day Lifestyle Liberation) and then reintroducing.

Some nourishing dairy products:

◊ Raw, whole milk

◊ Grass fed butter

 Ghee (clarified butter with milk protein removed)

◊ Full fat yogurt

 Kefir (milk based kefir)

 Primal Fuel Whey Protein and other grass fed protein shake options

Protein Hacks

Not feeling like a juicy steak or filet of wild fish, but still want to get more protein into your diet? Collagen based protein powders and shakes are other great options to boost nourishment, especially with a busy schedule. We love Collagen Fuel from Primal Kitchen along with other brands like Vital Proteins.

And….Organ Meat

Organ meat is ridiculously good for us, but it’s not always a part of our daily diet anymore. Packed with nutrients and minerals, adding organs to the menu once or twice a week can give us a big boost in what we’re probably deficient in. Some of the easiest organ meats to use are chicken livers, as they blend into ground meat easily. Try this meatloaf recipe! Grass fed beef liver is another easy option. If we’re not used to organ meat and also unwilling to try it, supplementation with liver pills is another option.

Are you ready to get started on your primal protein journey? Would you like some FREE quick and easy recipes to try, for beef, chicken, and fish?They make excellent meal prep/leftovers, too! Email us at beawesome@primal.health and we will send them your way. Check out our blog “Batch Cooking and Meal Preparation” for some quick tips. Also check out this excellent resource to learn a step-by-step approach to batch cooking.

Julie Ralston

Primal. health Coach