Find Your Mojo and Start Moving

Sep 4, 2018 | Movement | 0 comments


Imagine a pill that could reduce your chance of getting Alzheimer’s or Dementia by 50%. Pharmaceutical companies would be rich. And the general public would make this pill part of their daily ritual. Now imagine if this same pill could:

  • Reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • Improve your self esteem and mood.
  • Reduce your risk of Type 2 diabetes.
  • Reduce your risk of cancers including breast, lung, colon and prostate.
  • Decrease body fat.

More benefits. Same pill. You’d probably take this pill, right?

Sadly there is no magic pill. But there is a magic physical activity.

“A study of 54,000 people at the University of South Carolina showed that physical inactivity increased the risk of early death and was more significant than the dangers of smoking, type 2 diabetes, and obesity combined.”
— Darryl Edwards, “Animal Moves”


Maybe you saw the words “physical activity” and said “forget it”. I get it. I pretty much hate working out. But physical activity matters.  As much as stress management. As much as sleep. (Which by the way will improve with physical activity.)  Way more than supplements. And, despite all the programs, courses and plans that focus 100% on food, movement is just as important as diet.

Ever heard of the “London Bus Study”? In the 1950’s, heart disease was the #1 killer. Epidemiologist Jeremy Morris found that bus conductors – who were up and about and moving all day – had half the risk of heart disease as bus drivers, who sat all day, did. Even if the bus conductors did have a heart attack, they were 50% less likely to die than their counterparts, the bus drivers.

Later, the study was expanded and they looked at different jobs (postal walkers vs postal sorters/those with desk jobs) and diseases other than heart disease. The results were unanimous across the board…


Just. Move.

Our ancestors walked 3 – 10 miles just to execute their daily routine. Today, the average American walks just 2.5. If you’re into biking, swimming or running, great. But if walking is more your style, no problem.

Here are some nifty ways to weave it in:


  • Opt for the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Take a call while on a walk
  • Park at the back of lot and walk to the store
    (or better yet, walk TO the store)
  • Walk after dinner instead of plopping down on the sofa
  • Avoid moving walkways at the airport
  • Set an alarm to get up from your desk and move every 20 minutes
  • PLAY!  Exercise shouldn’t be punishment.  Do what you love and perhaps try something new.  You just may discover a new love.
Small choices can make a big impact. We know you can do it!
Julie Ralston

Primal. health Coach