Spirituality – Don’t Overlook It

Dec 27, 2018 | course content

Spirituality – Don’t Overlook It

When it comes to our health, weight and eating challenges we often look towards food and exercise for the answers. Some may even delve deeper and look at sleep and stress. But oftentimes, a challenging area in our life relating to money, work, relationships, sexuality, purpose, family, or spirituality is affecting our experience with food and body. Of all these, spirituality is often pushed to the back and ignored.

Some of us have even suffered a negative experience of religion, making us ‘religious refugees’ – unable and unwilling to connect with spirituality, a higher power or the positive teachings of the religion we were brought up in.  But if one lives in a random, meaningless world, dissatisfaction is predictable and the way we eat can be affected by this.

The spiritual life is part of the human essence. It is a defining characteristic of human nature, without which human nature is not fully human. 
— Abraham Maslow

Spirituality doesn’t have to be about religion (though it can be linked to a church, a temple, etc). It’s about finding your place in your community and in the world. It’s about attitudes, practices, values and a connection to something bigger than ourselves – it’s about our connection to others.  Years ago, when my dog Reed died, an animal communicator told me a beautiful story. She asked me to imagine Reed as a single drop of water being released into a vast ocean. The ocean is every living soul on the earth – past and present. Reed is still a drop of water, she’s just now intricately immersed with billions of water drops.


What if you still see spirituality as being about God, but you don’t believe in God?  No problem; some of the most spiritual people I know are atheists. It’s their set of values that successfully lead them through life. “Spirituality can be considered to be a path toward self-actualization, because it requires people to focus on their internal values and work on becoming a better individual.”  


Studies show that spiritual people have greater self-esteem, optimism, positive relationships and a stronger sense of meaning and purpose in life – overall, they’re happier.¹  And isn’t that what we all want? Do you want to know that your life is more than your physical presence on earth, that your soul will live on past your physical being and that you are living for a higher purpose even as you carry out your physical life on earth? Will spirituality help make you happier and more content (less stressed and anxious) in the now like so many studies claim? I guess it won’t hurt to explore and test for yourself.  



Julie Ralston

Primal. health Coach