Time To Play!

Dec 25, 2018 | course content

Enough with the serious goals, have some fun and set a goal to play more often.  Ditch the excuses (“I’m too busy”) and make play a priority.

1. Schedule your playtime. It may sound silly, but if you don’t schedule it, it won’t likely happen.  What can you commit to? 10 minutes a day? Maybe set aside one day a week where you plan a longer chunk of time?  Whatever works for you, schedule it and do it!

2. Be spontaneous.  Wait? Isn’t that the opposite of what we just said?!!  Yes and no. We know you’re busy and play isn’t a priority, so scheduling time for it  will help build the habit. But incorporating spontaneity and randomness into your daily schedule will help develop a more playful approach to life in general. Drive a different route to work. Talk to a friend you haven’t spoken to in a long time. Read a book or watch a show that’s completely not in line with your norm. Open your mind to new ideas!

3. If you can’t even remember what you like to do, think back to what you enjoyed as a child.  Make a list of everything you can remember, from catching tadpoles to reading a book on a rainy afternoon. Now put that list into action and see what brings you joy at this stage of life.

Now for some ideas:

    • Turn life into a game.  Going for a run? This app lets you pretend you’re being chased by zombies!
    • Bounce with the kids.  Trampoline parks are everywhere now and they’re not just for kids. You’ll have fun and it turns out that “when it comes to heart rate and oxygen expenditure, bouncing on a mini-trampoline for less than 20 minutes a day is just as good for you as running, although participants reported that it made them feel better and was a lot more fun than actually running” *  “But wait”, you’re thinking.  “I’m over 40 and have had kids.  There’s no way I’m bouncing.” Don’t worry, we know what you’re thinking and we’ve got you covered with these…Icon Undies.
    • Get back to nature.  We’ll talk a lot more about nature throughout this, but just know this for now…being in nature is so good for you! Go for a picnic, fly a kite, go barefoot in the grass, climb a tree, gaze at the stars, build a sandcastle (or a snowman depending on the season!), grow a garden, go on a scavenger hunt, do some cartwheels….
    • Find a “fun friend”.  Who do you know that laughs more, is more spontaneous and plays?  We have mentors in all other areas of our lives, why not have a “fun mentor””


Julie Ralston

Primal. health Coach