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Find Your Mojo and Start Moving

THE MAGIC PILL Imagine a pill that could reduce your chance of getting Alzheimer’s or Dementia by 50%. Pharmaceutical companies would be rich. And the general public would make this pill part of their daily ritual. Now imagine if this same pill could: Reduce your risk...

“Get off Your Butt, but Don’t Just Stand There”

“People who sit all day tend to have forward heads, rounded shoulders, slouching spines, tight hip flexors, weak abdominals, gluteal amnesia (aka weak glutes), tight hamstrings, and poor ankle mobility.” — Chad Walding, The Sitting Solution Sitting doesn't sound...

Healthy Food is Only Half the Story: The Way We Eat Matters

Cindy is an in-demand doctor. She’s single, loves her work and makes time for little else.  Every morning, Cindy has breakfast: a cup of coffee and an egg sandwich while she commutes in heavy traffic. For lunch, she hits the nearest fast-food joint, then gobbles that...

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