Primal.health is women empowering women to liberate your lifestyle. We use traditional wisdom to educate through comprehensive programs that inspire community culture of health. From a holistic approach, we help women in every stage of life to gain vitality, lose weight and reach their highest health goals.



Our coaches combined their expertise, passion and life experiences to co-create Primal.health and inspire women across the globe to find self-care through community.


Many years ago Ali Watts left the corporate world in Sydney, Australia, to follow her passion — helping people transform their bodies and minds through nutrition, fitness and lifestyle. At the start of 2018, she moved to Manhattan from Hong Kong to spread that passion even further.

As an integral part of her own journey as a personal trainer and yoga teacher, Ali realised that to acheive true longevity and optimal health, women really need a holistic approach—addressing the three pillars of lifestyle, nutrition and fitness simultaneously.

Among other things (like being a badass fit chick) she runs Primal.health, Ali Fitness personal training and podcast, and is also a partner in an S & C gymnastics studio — www.transformgst.com. Her goal is to help as many people as she can be fit and healthy for the long term.


Julie Ralston owned a successful and thriving natural pet store for over 15 years, where she helped people guide their pets toward healthier lives. Expanding on this passion, Julie began exploring human health and wellness.

Julie is dedicated to helping real women make solid choices that bring more vibrance and fun to their lives. She is a Primal Health Coach, a certified Primal Play Instructor, and has studied extensively with the Institute of Psychology of Eating. She works closely with clients to address the what, why and how of their eating habits and to help them attain their health and weight loss goals.

Julie also owns and runs Embrace the Realness, a company designed to help women find their path to an honest and attainable healthy lifestyle. She promotes safer, environmentally conscious products through her affiliation with BeautyCounter, a company recognized as a leader in the women’s movement and environmental impact awareness.


Jen Zetterstrom has a passion for helping women discover their own unique health and nutrition needs while shedding body image issues in total mind and body transformations. As a Primal Health Coach, she focuses on going back to the basics of simple food, movement, and lifestyle enhancements.

Jen’s own transformation has happened through various points over the last ten years, including postpartum depression, disordered eating, and autoimmune response to illness. She started The Primal Pineapple to bring simplicity to functional health.

Jen is also a military spouse, currently stationed in Colorado Springs. She and her family go on new hiking adventures every weekend. They enjoy forest bathing, animal watching, and spending time in natural sunlight.

“Primal.health coaches are inspiring, knowledgeable and passionate fitness instructors and mentors.”

— Cindy 


It’s time to live the life you deserve.

© Primal.health | designed by jewell design

© Primal.health | designed by jewell design